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Get to Know Mediterra Holidays

Mediterra Holidays was founded by a team consist of a university lecturer, a tourist guide, a historian and a white collar office professional whose common interest is travelling. The story started when they were talking about their travel challenges;
“Why do I have to confine myself with a standard tour package?”

Upon discovering the endless opportunities of a customized traveling, the fellows decided to share this experience with others; and Mediterra Holidays was born. They set up their mission as understanding their clients’ needs and providing them with authentic, intimate and personalized travel experience which could only be planned by a local friend. In time, Mediterra Holidays grew to bring extraordinary trips to Greece, Italy, Turkey, Egypt, Jordan and Israel. Today Mediterra Holidays keep providing tailor-made tour programs to its clients in Greece, Italy, Turkey, Egypt, Jordan and Israel through its own affiliate network or its supplier network.

Let local experts make your dream vacation come true!

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What Our Guests Said?

Simon Jared

They did an excellent job.

We just got back from a two week trip to Greece booked through Mediterra. They did an excellent job.
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Pia Bertilotti

...thank you so so so much for everything!

Dear Celal

I'm finally at home...
first of all thank you so so so much for everything!
we enjoy enormously visiting Turkey, your country really surprised us for good and we are coming back for sure!!!!
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Lavallon Hereford

...will promote your company...

I must say that Walid was one of the best tour guides I have ever had. I have gone on about 20 guided tours all over the world and by far he made us feel the most comfortable.
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