Medical Treatment

You will need to pay for any medical treatment which you receive in Turkey. For this reason it is advisable to take out medical insurance before traveling. It is not difficult to find English-speaking doctors in all but the most remote areas. There are also foreign run hospitals in many of the larger towns and resorts. There are pharmacies in most places with trained pharmacists who are able to offer advice on minor illnesses. Many more medicines are available over the counter.

Tourist Health:
Turkish Tourist Health Society (Turizm Sagligi Dernegi)
(Hacettepe Üniversitesi Tip Fakültesi Plastik ve Rekonstrüktif Cerrahi Ana Bilim Dali, Sihhiye) 06100 ANKARA
Tel (312) 311 93 93, 310 98 08

Turkish Tourist Health Society performs the functions below:
  • To provide the travelers in the entire country, mainly in the touristic regions, with proper health care
  • To secure food hygiene
  • To prevent environmental pollution
  • To ensure hygiene and healthy working-conditions in touristic establishments