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Year Round Tours

Emeralds of Greece

Are you ready to experience the Emeralds of Greece? Time to visit beautiful Greek Islands now!

Athens, Naxos, Santorini, Athens
7 days
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Aegean Blue

Greek islands is the ultimate destination even for the most seasoned travelers. Enjoy Greece with Mediterra Holidays!

Athens, Paros, Santorini, Athens
7 days
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Famous Blue Raincoat

Tours and activities on mainland Greece continue all year round. In addition to mainland, in this tour you will also have some time in Santorini, famous withspectacular views.

Athens, Mainland Greece, Santorini, Athens
9 days
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Taste of Greece

9 days in Greece both for exploring and relaxing. Contact us for more details.

Athens, Mainland Greece, Saronic Islands, Athens
9 days
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Beauty of the Past

Combine your mainland experience with beautiful and peaceful Chania! Mediterra Holidays, as a local expert, offers a good variation of Greece tours for all year round.

Athens, Mainland Greece, Crete (Chania), Athens
9 days
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Feel Medieval

Come and experience Greece, offering you a rich variety of history from all ages. Mediterra Holidays is one of the leading tour companies in Greece.

Athens, Mainland Greece, Rhodes, Athens
9 days
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Turkey & Greece Express

Discover the beauty of Istanbul, Santorini and Athens with all details in 9 days. Please contact us for more details and quote!

Istanbul, Santorini, Athens
9 days
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Magical Turkey & Greece

You can discover the magical destinations in these two countries with our combination program available all year round!

Istanbul, Cappadocia, Ephesus, Pamukkale, Athens, Santorini, Athens
13 days
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Turkey & Greece Explorer

Starts in Istanbul and ends in Athens. This tour being available all year round is an opportunity to explore Turkey & Greece.

Istanbul, Mainland Turkey, Athens, Saronic Islands, Mainland Greece, Athens
16 days
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Wonders of Egypt & Greece

For those who can`t choose between them, we arrange combinations of Egypt & Greece, all in one trip. Ask for a quote now!

Cairo, Aswan, Kom Ombo, Edfu, Esna, Luxor, Athens, Santorini, Athens
12 days
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Egypt & Greece Express

Cradle of civiliations; Cairo and Athens are combined in this tour with the unique island; Santorini. Please contact us for more details!

Cairo, Athens, Santorini, Athens
8 days
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4 Days Classical Tour with Meteora

Discover the wonders of Greece with our local guides! Safe, comfortable and top-quality Greece tours for reasonable prices.

Athens, Olympia, Delphi, Kalambaka, Athens
4 days
Starting from 527 EUR
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